Good morning!

I woke up to 61 degrees this morning in SW Florida. To a Floridian this is coooold (and to me)….Brrrr…so I must be acclimating well. So many people bring up immediately when you mention living in Florida the HOT summer months (which the hottest is about 2 months). I like to think of it as lesser of two evils. You have to weigh the good and bad in many situations and people you choose into your life.

I am from NC Iowa and it is much cooler and sometimes damp many months out of the year. I have degenerative arthritis (with 4 super new joints I am loving them!) so I love, love the heat. Now in Iowa, there is the expected below zero months and -30 isn’t exactly shocking. This is why I chose Florida for my health and love, love it here. When I get to see my family there they are just a plane ride away. Thank God I do have some close relatives here too.

This got me thinking about all you perfectionists in life (this can be me too!) Do you weigh the lesser of the evils when making a decision? Nothing is ever perfect by the way, so why do we look for this? This is your choice and take these thoughts with you today.

Do you see the HOT summer (2) months?

Or the 3 Seasons of no humidity, 72 degrees, and sunny in Florida?

The choice is in your hands! Make it good~

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.

Super Success Coach & Trainer™