Have you ever wanted to change the course of your life today? I have worked tirelessly for years to have the education and experience to help you no matter what point in life you are in. We all have a story to tell and each are as unique as a snowflake and this is an awesome thing! I have built MernaThrone.com with many personal self-discovery & self-recovery options for you!


Mission: "We strive to guide people to tap into their THRIVING Soul and bring it forward to meet their true best self through self-discovery & self-recovery.
To teach the science of living the fire of a loving
and passionate life from the inside out!
Personally and Professionally!"

Bring back your own self-motivation, SPARK, inner fire that catapults you to more and more opportunities and fun in life.

Feel ALIVE again. Feel LOVE again, Feel HOPE again.

We have the 23-Day Core Inspiration Challenge (Freebie), Law of Attraction eMail Coach ($1.99), Rock my World!Self-Coaching kit, Coach Merna’s one on one sessions, the eHelp™ Library (Free), The Audio Library that includes Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and so much more. Once you get the ball rolling with one or two of our products you can move to our Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy. The most dynamic change in a person’s life will happen here if they allow the process of self-recovery to happen. We have people from all walks of business take these classes and apply these skills to their own work.

Grab a cup of coffee and take a spin in our Academy Levels I –IV of certifications. Each has their complete description so you see how they work. They are each 7-week Power Classes – Self-Study with me as your mentor if needed. Skyrocket your career skills with our 7-week Power Class!

Begin today because you are no longer afraid! We understand this completely and I have soo been there a few times in my life.

Be your own Hero and let us know what you are working on.

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Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.

Super Success Coach & Trainer™