Hello Hello!

I am back!! We are updated and back online full steam ahead now! I know many of you have been a great support on Facebook and other social media sites with the rough couple of years in my life. I went through four joint replacement surgeries and recoveries in one year. (All were so worth it!) At the end of that, my sister was diagnosed with a rare form of very aggressive Cancer. She passed away this summer a little less than a year after she was diagnosed. We are all still stunned and brokenhearted working on our healing path.

In addition, I had flown to our home area on May 30th to help my sister at the end with my Mom on a one way ticket. I felt so very blessed to have that flexibility in my life and to spend more time with my sister. She passed away a few weeks later. At least she is no longer hurting because no one deserves to live like that. Someday I may write more about her, but that will be when or if I am ready to share. We are all private in our personal lives, so I want to respect her wishes too.

During this nightmare with her illness (I had sold my acreage, a few years ago on contract in my home area) the individuals who purchased it had given me an awful time since the beginning and finally defaulted. I gained possession the day after my sister passed. When I got there, it was one or two steps shy of just destroyed. Unimaginable garbage and destruction so I had to stay and renovate so I can sell it again. Needless to say it turned out gorgeous! It was awful, but now it is done. I am grateful to have been up there with my family, so we saw each other during the first few months of losing her.

Now, I am back home in SW Florida wading through being gone for 3.5 months and getting my company back on track while continuing to work on my Second Masters of general psychology. Oh yeah, and I begin teaching Psychology to undergraduates at a nearby college this winter.

I know I have so many, many things to be grateful for in my life and I thank God all through my day. I just wish my family and I did not have to walk this walk of grief and heartbreak. We will all be OK and we will miss her always. We have great memories and talks with her too. Not just the heartbreak of losing her, but watching my sister go through her fight with cancer and not being able to help her survive it. Her son's losing their mother is beyond words and she had to say goodbye to them. No one deserves it and way too many people have to go through it.  Cancer is evil - it is that simple.

I want to thank everyone who sent emails and posts of support and love during a very rough summer. I missed coaching and my students, so the train is back on track and we are ready for you to board. (I kept the company going at a slower pace for the last couple of years). I am open to suggestions on the academy that would help fit your training into your life better. In addition, my phones are open to taking coaching session appt. Email me!

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.