Good Morning again!

Do I have your full attention now? ;) Another gooorgeous morning here in SW Fl☼rida and I count my blessings daily! Recently I have been very busy with outside activities and things around here. Including working out on my Elliptical 5 days a week. (Great workout - Great sweat!) I stopped again yesterday just to look around at what I just did in the last 15 minutes. Wow, my life has drastically changed for the BETTER! It has been so long it boggles my mind. I even laid out in the sun in my back yard and remember the last time I tried this..... I barely could get out of my lawn chair. (NOT joking) That time was crazy trying to get up, I was a second away from calling my cuz... Seriously! lol I can chuckle now, but it would have been so embarrassing.

So here is my question to you. Do you take a good look around and see how many blessing you have in your day??  Even through a year of brutal surgeries and recoveries - back to back - I made myself stop and remember the good. I would say, "But at least I am in Flrida" and look at the sunshine and palm trees right out my window. I kept my eye on the prize the whole time; just ask my family in Florida and Iowa. The last surgery almost did me in, but it was the last one. I HAD to finish because without it I would still be laid up on my left side. I am so grateful, happy, and lucky that I did and could.

Looking back I cannot believe I did them all in one year, but I wanted LIFE again so badly. I didn't want to have another 10-20 years in motorized scooters in stores, only leaving my home to buy what I needed & stocked up, super swollen joints especially knees (I use to call them cantaloupes & volleyballs), pain, Ibuprofen, pain, ice, pain, pain, pain (it was blinding at times) using a cane, handicap parking, get the drift.

I still have to take super care of these new joints so they last as long as possible, but I have LIFE AGAIN - & damn, I am in Fl☼rida!!! ☼

Count your blessings daily! I promise you have many swarming around you no matter what. Ok, so now stop whining on Facebook every time you have feeling.

God has a plan and he circled this place on the map for you. - Unknown

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer™