I am in the middle of moving Pocket of Pearls.com to my url/new website of MernaThrone.com. I have had Pocket of Pearls.com since 2007 and 2008 when its construction began. Over the years it has grown to a massive 300 pages and growing with personal success articles, lifestyle coach training, self-coaching, and so much more. This construction of the new site will take some time, but it is coming along nicely with its construction and new logo. Today, I ordered my new business cards, etc. to continue this branding.

I have been a personal coach since 2004 helping countless people around the world with their lifestyle issues. In addition, I have been going to college earning a B.S. in Psychology, Masters, and now working on my Second Masters degree while pursuing my hopes in being an Online College professor (I have my foot in the door in a few places - crossing fingers). Lastly, I wrote, built, and constructed a powerful LifeStyle Coaching certification program (Self-Discovery Coachâ„¢ Academy). All has morphed into this massive business that I adore.

Yes, Yes, I always have many things going on in my life and this comes from having this workaholic mindset. I am the first one to acknowledge that I am an extremist, so one of the first thoughts I have daily is 'Moderation" and 'Enjoy' the day... Yes, it has taken practice but I continue to strive.

I have had to really focus on my lifestyle and mindset with the many surgeries I have had in my life, especially this last year or so. I am almost at the end of 4 joint replacement surgeries and recoveries. This will give me a new found lifestyle and strength that will bring me back to the old days of health.

Today I am really just beginning our time together in this brand spanking new blog area, so I don't want to drone on and on. If you have a goal you wish to achieve. Do it! I focused on selling everything in Iowa to move to Florida to start over, climate change (health reasons) and I did it!! You can too... We have many tools on our site to help you in this process. (I personally resign up for the 23 day core inspiration challenge to just get that email on my phone daily. Try it! its FREEE!  )

Much love and see you soon!

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer