I am still in Colorado until June 17th or 18th, then I road trip down to Phoenix for a while to see another GREAT friend in my life and her family! True Blue friends are rare in life, and I feel so lucky that I am visiting them on this journey. Getting away from SW Florida has helped me with clarity and working out all the things that are weighing on me and have for some time. There isn’t one person in my life who knows all the details, but a handful or less know most. It’s not what the gossip mills are fabricating at all!  The fiction/gossip stories about me are so wrong and they come from superficial people that cannot see beyond the outside person that we are. (at least they were giving someone else a break by talking about me, LOL) Does this mean that I had a lot of superficial people around me? Maybe? But there are always gems in them and I know who those few are in my life in Florida. In addition, I always look for the best in people. Hell, I am certainly not perfect!  Anyone who knows me well enough my whole life, most of the time I do not give a shit what others think of me. Hey, this is me - take it or leave it! Looking back there was just so much around me. Oh well, moving on now. I know me best and so does God.

    I think many people would be very surprised what I am dealing with, working out the stuff that is weighing on me heavily.  They are my responsibility, period. I know that and I am doing my best right now. I needed that time in Iowa with my family more than I had realized. Just being with them … helped me…Maybe at the end of this Road Trip I will share the real reason this Music Marathon began last winter.

            With that said, somethings are just NOT meant to be…I knew from the very beginning I am simply allowing this journey to evolve organically. If something works out – great! If not, I will take a turn and go from there. Not the end of the world, but my pride does get in the way sometimes. Soo, Music Festivals are not going to happen the way I predicted by volunteering. Their volunteers fill up (even though they respond to my emails- by saying yes) and I am not able to because they have enough…. I wanted to volunteer because I am doing this alone. Anyone who knows me, knows not much scares me, but buying a ticket for any festival and being alone in 20-50,000 people just isn’t smart. Volunteering, I would be in a group of others, we all get tee shirts, and take breaks together. A great way to meet people too. I have told a few of this news, and they seemed relieved because of their concern of me Festival going alone. LOL  So, if there is a festival along the way that works out, you will get my updates.

            NEW PLAN: is visiting local talent along the way and sharing with my social media. Which actually to me, sounds even MORE fun! I got some business cards printed up, (Cheap from Staples, but nice!) so I can give the venues and musicians/bands what I am doing and want to share them with my world online. (while getting permission to photograph/video them)

                                          Front                                                          Back


 That is, it for today! Keep checking back on the website for updates. I have driven 3,400 miles to date and only really begun. Looking forward to some music, which hasn’t been much since I left for diff reasons. I was sick in bed for a few weeks in Iowa, and I have just been enjoying peace, quiet, reflection, friends, family, and just being me…  ;)


Oh yeah, for those of you that missed this Wish… I need this for my Road Trippin ways + a cute guy (ya know, a grown up that still has his wild side) to go with it that loves what I am doing as much as I do!  (Are you listening God? ;)


Later! ;)