I have a confession to make.... Umm... for those of you who do not know I wrote a new New Kindle® Book this summer, but finally getting around to separate this topic to one page and I know many struggle with. (also promos has begun more)

It is titled, "Shhh Do not Wake the Beast" Living life with food addiction. Right now it is an easy read through Kindle only. You can learn more day by day on the Facebook page that bears its name.

I would love the ones who are living with this in silence or out-loud to join us there as that will be the soul topic - Food addiction, obesity, overeating, morbid obesity, etc. I have studied morbid obesity and food addiction now for years through my psychology degrees. If this fits you PLEASE join us there and do not be shy. It was hard for me to write this let alone bear so much to who ever reads this. I understand completely... Just do it!

Check it out here (Like us on Facebook under this title!) Thank you :) !

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer™