Hello Again!

Our Self-Discovery Coach™ Academy is expanding again! This is just a quick note to everyone about our Academy in case more are interested. Our Academy is growing month by month with new students AND Level IV Specialized Executive Coach niches. The 7-week Power Classes have been a huge hit and are complete self -study if you choose. Otherwise we do have a private online classroom to post if you need help.

The census is that MOST people just go on their own through the course and are excelling!! I have thought of leaving out the online classrooms because they have become a Ghost town, BUT I want to leave this option for anyone who has questions and it does happen.

Remember, you can begin working as a Coach after Level I - Earn cash towards your future classes. The advanced levels are all optional, but many are seeking to continue or in practice right now.

Check it out fully here!


%$firstname$%, hit reply with any questions you may have on anything that entails our Academy or website products.  If you are on SelfGrowth.com, add me to your network!

Have a great day and let's go! (Pssst the website is getting a new, sleeker look shortly, so keep checking in on our progress.)

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer