Hey all!

Every year there is a newer, better version of most electronics and PlayStation is one of them. This year PS4 came out to a excited audience of millions. There were literally thousands of people staying up all night to get one of the first Newest one. They had millions of pre-orders of this product to boot! Wowzer!

People buy themselves a 6 hour energy drink and bring items to keep them comfortable because they are all nighting it. All this for a video game? Can you tell I am not a gamer, but Mario (first ones) will always be favorite. I even have a Mario ringtone for my sister who got me hooked back then. Shhhhh....she doesn't know this!

Now back to those crazy people staying up all night...Many seem to really enjoy this type of socializing with people that share this insane passion. Or am I the insane one for not hopping on board of this extreme-machine of fun?

All in all, everyone has their thing? Do you know what yours is?

Check out this CNN article here!

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainerâ„¢