Hello again!

I hope this finds you enjoying you summer! Ok, Ok, I admit it…. I love living like a Hippy here and wish I could do this indefinitely. ;) Not sure yet when I will return to Florida, but I know I will continue recording more local musicians and travel around Florida on the weekends once in a while to find more music when I do return. I am simply following my instincts on this one, which is God leading me when I am calm.

This is the week of house sitting in Arizona with a beautiful German Shepard named Yogi and a Pit/Greyhound mix named Daisy. They both want my attention constantly with their family gone, which is fine. They are both sweethearts! But, as Ron assured me great guard dogs when needed.

I have been updating my website, applying for teaching jobs, registering for school, and enjoying some R & R & R…. = Relaxing, Reflecting, Resting……Working out, eating well, swimming, and lots of friend time when they are here. It feels so good to be working through the unresolved grief that I finally put my finger on. I feel like ME again. Ya know, that attitude I have “Hey this is me. Take it or leave it” and it’s a good, settled feeling. The last few months in Florida before I left, I KNEW I was keeping Uber busy and I wasn’t sure why. I knew it meant something to me. It’s a combination of course, but I am on a much clearer path now.

I know this blog isn’t exciting, but to me it is. It tells me I am working through things and do not need to write more about it in the blog. I have enjoyed a summer of no contacts, no make-up, no dress clothes, just jeans/tees, endless driving/music, and loving every minute of it. (Yes, I still shower tho. I still spend hours online with all my work, etc. Remember, I am driven for success) My joints are feeling so much better than when working on them ALL the time and they are not swollen ALL THE TIME! You just do not have any idea how bad it gets. I NEED to work solely online, so I can balance my needs and wants. I am praying for this daily. Should we see the Power of Prayer together? Would you add me to your prayer list? This is so hard for me to ask too... Ok, Ok, that's another show. Haha :)

Music is what was a goal on this Road Trip, but there isn’t much to share with you. I have it all the time, of course ;) But I trust my guidance and where I needed to go FIRST. I am already thinking I want to do this next year again, so making better plans and we will see where the road takes me.

That’s it for today... If you need to heal, take the time! It is truly what feeds your soul, strength, and courage. Hey, anyone that knows me knows not much scares me and I am game to try most things once! Let me know if you need some guidance on the healing and hope parts in your life.

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Much love!