Good Morning all!

Sorry it has been a few weeks, but personal life sometimes requires more of my attention. I haven't gone anywhere and working hard behind the scenes here to kick things off for 2014. This is just a quick note to wish you a good, good day! I will fill you in more later.

Join us on our New & growing social media page on Google+ and I am loving it! Currently trying to merge a former account with this new one, but join us now! . 

Our New Hashtag is #RenovateYou - Join in!

This is one of my favorite reminders (above) from my Higher Power whom I call God. When life gets stressful just remember "He's got you!" He has our back at all times whether we wonder or not... he is there. I hope you share this because you never know who many really need to hear this today! Have a wonderful day and remember to ROCK it! ;) #RenovateYou

Be well,
Merna Throne, M.S.