My first tree in years! Love it~

Hello Hello!

I hope you have begun to be excited for the holidays in your home. Yes, Yes, I put up my tree already and it’s my first in years because of the downsizing/selling my home, living with others for over a year, moving from Northern Iowa to SW Florida, and my 4 joint replacement surgeries in one year. (Yes I hear you - Thanks giving is first and I will be blogging this too)

The Holidays can be just like we dream as it should be in our lives, but the choices begin with us. It is about sharing it with family and friends….NOT how much money you spend on gifts. Did you hear me? Yes, I guess I am talking to anyone who worries about being the perfect Christmas friend or family member. I have heard of people taking out small loans every Christmas so they can buy their quota of expectations. Then they have the whole next year to pay it off. Then there are parents who are spending thousands per kid and do the same loan options with their ‘Holiday’. I knew the teenaged kids of the later story and talk about ungrateful children, because their parents did not spend much on them compared to their friends. Hmmm…can you hear my violins for you now?  The Holidays come every year so aren't we all doing our own ‘expectations’ over & over again…..and again…and again…rinse…repeat... - Ya know Christmas comes every year – right? :)

I do not have children of my own, so my nieces and nephews always received from me until times were tough in my life. I had a reasonable price limit per child of what was in my budget since there were 12 of them, but to me they are my children. When I had to make the decision to stop it almost broke my heart to do this, but financially I had too. I did talk to a couple of my siblings so they knew and they responded so wonderful. They reminded me of all that I have already done for their children over the years and its perfectly fine. Whewww…Guess what?? Christmas still arrived every year and the kids still love me as their craZy Aunt Merna. Last year I even had a Skype Christmas here in Florida. I just had my 3rd surgery, so I could not travel. Plus other issues that kept me from my family Christmas’ here. On Skype I spent it with my Iowa family.  I was on Skype enjoying my egg nog and seeing everyone this way at least. Isn’t our video chatting options aweSome!! It really made a difference~

In the spirit of the holiday season I began a completely complimentary website for Holiday Recipes and Trivia called The North Pole. I made a good start at the recipes and trivia, but it is time to grow it a bit more. We all love something that is free, but it is usually not worth it or a catch. Neither one of these applies here nor is that my goal.

Enjoy, share, bake, make, and shake to those holiday songs because Christmas’ joy and love is priceless! Enjoy the magic of The North Pole and let us know what you are working on. Help us build a wonderful website for recipes and trivia that encompass the Holiday Spirit! Talk it out with us on Facebook® and share a picture of your tree or baking!

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Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.

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