Hey All!

Just a quick blog here to stay caught up.... I must say this road trip has been one of the best decisions I have made on many levels. Here in Colorado I am staying with a friend of mine. Our friendship goes back to the later 1980s on Sanibel Island, FL. We have stayed in touch since. They have taken me on so many mini road trip to see waterfalls, the Rocky Mountain and the incredible scenic drives too. I have some local places I will be checking out in the next couple weeks for music/local talent... Will share with you too!

In the back of my mind in all these places I am driving thru and/or staying I am keeping it in the back of my mind that it could be a new home for me. Time will tell where I end up, but right now I am good living out of my car. The experience, people/relationships, and road trip are simply priceless. I highly recommend if its possible for you.

The next festival is Bands in the Backyard in Vineland, CO on June 17 & 18th. On the 19th I leave for Arizona where I get to see and stay with a long time from since 2004. Plus, I am checking out the Grand Canyon! I am tossing around driving out for a quick few days to southern California where I have a couple more great friends there. Only 371 miles from Lisa's, so gonna try before going to New Mexico.....

Wheww.....   just typing it out excites me and the NEW people I continue to meet too ;)