Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

We all casually talk about our blessings in life or do you really give thanks? We celebrate this holiday with good friends and family along with an abundance of food followed by football. It was nap time for myself when the football took over the day and it still makes me tired just thinking of it. ;) I feel grateful for each and every person reading this! So ever grateful~

I will be celebrating with my Florida families which is a great blessing to me! I was invited by new friends as well and they all wanted to make sure I wouldn’t celebrate alone. The blessings just keep piling on my list this year. Last year at this time I was recouping from surgery #3 and it was a knee that time (my Iowa family was there through Skype). Knees are brutal, just brutal, but my sweet cousin brought me food! (I knew my surgeries would change my life. I focused on my goals daily…It is life changing for me!)  This year I am grateful every day for this new life, new joints, new friends, family, going home for Christmas this year, and living on an island in Florida!

Wow, how blessed am I? Very!

May we stop and think about the first Thanksgiving festivities that lasted three days of feast and fun activities for all. After hundreds of years many of us may not remember or know some of the details of this first holiday (Abe Lincoln officially made it a holiday during the civil war), especially the American Indian who blessed the English with food and festivities. Squanto went to the English after he had lost his entire village to the plague, so he wondered aimlessly and heartbroken until a new tribe found him and took him in. He heard about the English settling nearby from this tribe, so he instantly felt like he had a reason to live. He would go and help the English! “I suspect that many times during those festivities the Pilgrims stopped to thank the Lord for His miraculous provision of Squanto. Had it not been for him, there would have been no cause for celebration and thanksgiving. God had sent this American Indian, who spoke English fluently, ate English foods, understood English customs and ways, and knew about the Christian faith because of his time with the Spanish monks: the right man, in the right place, at the right time. Only God can do something like that” Read more of this historical story here - (Reference).

Relax, enjoy, keep your gratitude list in mind throughout the day and I bet you find many more than you originally thought! I know I did~

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.

Super Success Coach & Trainer™