5 Keys to Find Peace by Placating

By Merna Throne, M.S.

To Appease or not to Appease

Is placating the answer?

I thought this was a good topic to finally write about as I know so many people go through this mental dilemma, but they endure in silence and their relationships suffer from their need to fight about details that probably won’t matter in an hour. (Been there!) In my experience as a personal coach many, many clients bring this up and point out times they just do not want to do this. They feel or are called fake for doing so and if they try to talk it out they are called trouble or dramatic. Well it may seem like a dilemma, but it is more of a perspective thing. Now now…I am not saying just stuff your feelings and enjoy a pizza later, but rather strong communication skills that may keep you from embarrassment in the end. We all just need to brush up on a few skills and it starts with self. (NOT someone else…I know what you are thinking here :) - take only your own inventory) I know…I know…you are thinking it is much easier said than done until you are in the heat of the moment of choosing which path to take. Fight/disagree or Placate?

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