Hello all!

This is a very common "Hope" that so many people have in common. However, the ingrediant that these people do not understand is ACTION. Do you simply lie in bed and make wishes? Well, this a great start to creating them, but it takes inspired action, a series of what doesn't work, and what does work to grow this seed.

When it is a passion, it won't feel like work. If you see this as "Oh my god, that is sooo much work forget it!"....Plain and simple you just killed your own dream. No one else did, but you.

You may feel like I am brutally honest, and yes I am. This has happened to me in my life too and it was a shock, BUT often it woke me up.....

Remember, the 6 steps to creating is.......... Dream.Explore.Action.Ask.Believe.Receive. These were the SUCCESS steps I use to create what I wish! Begin with our 60-day Law of Attraction eMail coaching series NOW.

Students!! How is your work coming?? Have you posted in our online classroom? Have you listened to your weekly recorded classes? Remember, pause, plan, and prepare for your certification & graduation from your current level. We gave given you enormous tools for success, but you must walk the walk........

No more excuses, just dig in!

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainerâ„¢