Hello again!

So many of you have tried, worked, and found success in someway or all with the Law of Attraction. I include myself in this since I am living proof it works, but you must never succumb to non-belief. For those of you who believe in God you have learned that he has the same values, so this isn't some evil opposite of Christian beliefs. You hear commonalities in many religions, so open those minds if you haven't already.

Ok, this is short and sweet - too the point. For those of you struggling with money we have to zero in on your TRUE money inner voice. Your head could be saying, "Sure, I am positive, yes, I am positive", but your inner voice is the exact opposite. What we try to do is keep logically telling our self something to drown out the negativity we have.

The only way is to face the truth head on with knowledge, possibly a coach, or you could use our LOA eMail coaching service. Your choice. Money is the most popular topic when people talk of struggles, so let's start there.

Here is a new mantra to post where you will see it every day and say out-loud with positive conviction!

Money is good....
Money is love....
Money is spirit....
Money is gratitude in action....

- Joe Vitale

Learn it. Love it. Trust it.... Money gives us the freedom to live a wonderful life filled with Charity work, helping others, helping our churches, helping mission trips, and sooo much more.

Make your sign and see you soon!

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainerâ„¢