Morning Morning! It is time to create a great week! Find three items to look forward to this week whether it is something to create or you already have planned. This will keep one of many sparks going in your life.

Skill for Life: When disagreeing/fighting with someone in your life, focus on the Feelings NOT the details. The details can kill a relationship with just one argument or keep resentment alive in relationships.

Yes, Yes I know it is hard to focus on the feelings as it is way too vulnerable. However, working from our feelings will never steer you wrong. They are the key to our own GPS system on what we need to do to find peace and contentment.  Our feelings are not a weakness, I repeat NOT a weakness, but they are strength building in character and self-worth.

Many of us were taught that emotions are weakness and anger is our strength. This isn’t true at all, so do not be someone to hide behind your anger because it is a dead giveaway to your true weaknesses. Scary, but true so take this and ponder it this week in your journals or share this blog posting on Facebook to get a conversation going. So, go with this and do not read details into this  ;) …just think/write/talk about it. Yes many situations may need some detail markers in an argument, but try to keep it focused on your feelings beginning with “I” statements.  Your choice.


Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer™