What is your inner voice shouting when you are frustrated, annoyed, or even angry? Often, a person confuses their inner voice with their logical mind and they are completely different when gauging self-esteem or inner voice. What I mean by this is when I ask how do they speak to themselves it is often "I am a very positive person" "I say all the right things"" etc. etc. Yes, with some specifics. This is the logical mind drowning out the inner voice.

Do you find yourself talking the talk? Do you want to walk the walk?

What to do? Sit quiet and be still without distractions to see how you feel. Dig up those hard words and get rid of them for good! We have many great tools on our website - FREE too. MernaThrone.com Any questions just send us an email We respond quickly, so you are not sitting around for a week wondering if we received it!

In the end, try a new habit, hobby, or time to self even if you feel silly in the beginning.

Remember, exceptional begins with silly!

See you soon!

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer™