Hello again!

Do you ever crave love and acceptance?? If so, do you look around and criticize others for not giving you enough love and affection? This is happening to too many people these days and here is another tough question.


Who is the common denominator? Yes, you are....


We are not here to take another person’s inventory of their life and mistakes. We need to love our self first and foremost before we can accept it from others. After all, if you cannot love yourself how you do expect someone else too? Without love we cannot begin to see the love others are showing us, so it can leave us feeling rejected most of the time when you probably are not unwanted. When we are in feeling unloved place the fact is I bet many people are showing you love and acceptance, but you are blinded by your own issues to see them. Denial can be the largest obstacle, so look within and BE HONEST! It is the only way to grow and find peace in our inner self (Read Article about Your Ruby Slippers).

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Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.

Super Success Coach & Trainer™