Hello Everyone!

Did your beloved cat pee in your NEW tennis shoes? Happy Monday everyone!!

Well, you know, my 18 pound cat Maggie Pie pee’d in my new tennis shoes I bought last week ON SALE! Ok, Ok, they were Beall’s Outlet 25% off (because senior citizens day and I had a 10% coupon). Sniff, sniff, they were gray with electric blue soles and matching laces…this aging cat (10 years old) seems to be confused lately and I have had him (Yes, yes, I have heard it all before. He is a boy) to the vet recently and those issues I KNOW are fine now. I do think it is confusion, so I found natural cat repellant on the internet, one is pure pepper, and I have higher-grade pepper. :)  It surrounds my Elliptical now and I will hang the workout shoes on it from now on. Funny, I still have my old pair and he never pee’d in them??? Go figure he is a CAT! Well, live and learn, so I am concocting the next home-made repellant of cayenne, curry, and cinnamon, so when he sniffs he is like YUK!!

Well, onward to this week …I know…I know… I have been MIA for a bit now and hit/miss before that. Life seems to throw us curve balls on a regular basis, which is what we all deal with daily. Then sometimes life throws us heartbreaking curve balls that we must deal with in the moment and it becomes our priority. Yes, my heart is always Family First……I may be over 1700 miles away from them, but my heart is with them daily. I thank God for the internet these days with Skype, email, text, cell phones, and phones that have unlimited long distance. Our family has a loved one dealing with Cancer and for now, I choose not to disclose any more. For those of you who have had this ugly, evil disease invade your family then you know exactly what I am talking about with cancer. I had a boyfriend whom I lived with years ago die from Cancer and it rips your heart to shreds.

My next excuse (teheheh) is my online college courses. I had to place my second Masters in General Psychology on pause to complete an EPI certification program for my Florida’s teaching license. This extremely intense program is 9 months long, so I am doing my best here. I still need to fit in my workouts, volunteering for my church, church, relaxing, and enjoying Florida life Merna Style... Do not worry, for you students in the academy all know I am always there for you too and I LOVE LOVE, ADORE teaching these classes, so sign up today! You are SunShine in my day! When all else tries to bring me down, I come to the Academy and it brings me right up! I am always working on converting each level to Version 4.0 with level I complete and now working on level II. Oh yeah, and had an impacted wisdom tooth out on Friday… LOL eventually you just have to laugh!

Ok, Ok, enough whining here and as I mentioned early, Family First, so I spend time on Skype daily with my Dad and sometimes a few times a day. It keeps us connected and Mom is there too. It really is the next best thing to being there. I know I keep myself busy every waking minute when I am so far away from family right now. It is my current coping mechanism, but I keep good friends really close to me too.

MernaThrone.com may be evolving a little bit slower these days, but I am still here doing what I absolutely love which is teaching online – touching people around the world. I will continue! If you follow us on Facebook make sure you have changed the new settings so you see my posts all the time in your feed. It is sad because it is between 19-97 people who see my posts there out of over 8,000. They changed the pages for businesses. In addition, google+ is our new social media we are building up, so follow us here!

Well, enough for today. I need to go buy new tennis shoes that have electric blue soles.

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.

Super Success Coach & Trainer™