Hello  all!

Yeah baby almost done!!

I have 10 days until D-day (done day) for my last joint replacement surgery!! #4 in 1 year. I am preparing my apartment for when I return home with a positive message on my chalkboard doors. (picture below)  April 17th is D-day here and I am getting everything ready for the couple of months following surgery. I have done this so many times with all the surgeries in my life, I know by now what I will need nearby, so I can care for myself.

I am tossing around blogging as much as possible through this replacement surgery as I know it will stir up much from all of them in one year. They are changing my physical life daily and look forward to the day I can work out again. I am saving for my own elliptical as it is what will be recommended to care for my new joints.

If I choose full disclosure as it might help someone else, I am concerned about the venting about pain. I don’t like to talk about it too much so I can try to focus away from it. The bottom line – knee replacements are brutal – period! I counted last time and it took 22 days before I could actually think – oh yeah – this pain will end someday. I am going to skilled care this time like I did with the hips. Last time I went home with just home health stopping by.  


Well it is what it is and I may just cry…. LOL seriously. It takes a lot for me to cry from pain and I did with the knee surgery…I am going into this as positive as possible knowing it’s my last one, it does get better, no school this time, going to skilled care, and knowing what to expect. All will hopefully assist me in handling it better, but they warned me it is still brutal. They just don’t want to put it this way before surgery to terrify someone. 

Guess what I am terrified ………again…