I have been in Iowa now for about a month and getting ready to leave for Colorado on May 23 (Monday) on my Music Crawl across the USA. Can’t believe this trip here I have been this sick, but better now than when I get on the road again. I was so fatigued I had begun to wonder if my motivation and energy was gone for good! I am on the mend and getting my FIRE back every day. My next festival is Bands in the Backyard, Vineland, CO June 17 & 18. Sawyer Brown, Kid Rock, 3 Doors Down, Alabama, and Joe Diffe.

I have been applying to colleges for teaching jobs online diligently like I have for a few years now. I belong to a group of 6,000 people seeking the same thing. I found out it does take this long and do not give up. For every 120 applications (which take over an hour to complete each) you should get one return or interview. What that means to me is I am on the right track and not alone. Anyone who knows me KNOWS I do not give up and I am driven when I want something. ( ;  Plus, applying to countless Paid to Drive programs, which I would love! Will keep you posted.

The Cancer Centers I want to volunteer my time here and there too. I need to make sure I am completely over what I have before doing so. Its not gone yet, but my motivation and energy are slowly surfacing again. I was beginning to think I would always be ZAPPED from my own energy MoJo, which is usually high. I am lucky to get 6 hours of sleep at night normally. So when I was sleeping 10-12 hours a day or more. Yup, knew something was up.. Its all getting better now ;)

The road trip to Colorado should be about two days on the road, maybe 2 ½. I cannot wait to get back on the road again. I love the driving and seeing these states. The next few months will be territory I have not been, so this is a real adventure. I get to see friends I have not seen in years (Our friendship goes back to when I lived on Sanibel in the 80s) and a close one from my home place in Florida (she is from NM and just happened to be going home the VERY time I am driving through NM). I love seeing Gods work as I allow him to put the pieces into place and not get in his way with my own shit. I am sure there is more to come and he has my complete faith here. Sometimes I think he knew it would take me to be so sick this last month to make me stay put and just be in peace with my family, slow down, and relax. Well Check on all 3! I am keeping my peace and continue to take one day at a time. Yeah, he knows I am that stubborn that he has to make something big for me to stop, look, and listen for him sometimes. Most of the time I chat with him all day every day. I am sure many people do this! 

On my way to Colorado I will be going thru South Dakota (been many times), Nebraska, and Wyoming. Well, I need a t-shirt from Wyoming. Never been there! Of course Planet Fitness will be nearby always which is my home away from home!! Will take pics along the way if I see worthy stuff to share. I love the drive because it is my Head Therapy too. ;) It’s my Music time too…Ahhh, cannot wait!

Let the Journey begin! Hooyah!