Hello again!

Everyone has a passion we just need to dig it out! Passion is a common topic these days everywhere you go. I remember about 10 years ago when I lived somewhere else and talking out loud about this new, wonderful Passion I had found. Well the two women I was talking with busted out with laughter and yup, mocking me. It did not deter me what so ever. (Personal Growth Industry & Psy Major in College) They may have left a memory for me, but I still go full steam ahead!

Well here I am today and have guided thousands of people over this last decade on many areas. Plus the Academy I wrote, built, and fine tuned its ethics all by myself from my college degrees, coaching experience, life experience, and common sense. Not sure I could have done it all without my Psych Degrees, but it’s here.

Guess what I adore my passion!

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Are you Living your Fashion or Passion in Life? (Article)

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