It’s sunny and coooold here in SW Florida this am. My weather bug for my area states 44° out this morning, but suppose to be in the 80’s this weekend. I am just hoping for something in the seventies to keep me warm. Brrrrr…Yeah, I know I shouldn’t complain since the north is getting slammed with snow once again. Take care all!

I am on my last week of this term in school and taking the next term off. This is my first time in almost 7 years of attending college full time – straight through. (Worked on the internet for almost a decade now - 2014 will be ten years!) I have earned two degrees and working on my third. I am working on my Masters in General Psychology and should graduate in 2014. This will make me finished for good! I hope.. :-) I am very excited! I also have my nephews wedding this summer in Ohio, so will be flying up north for a long weekend. Can’t wait!

In April I will be having my final (of 4) joint replacement surgeries since March of 2012. I have three new joints and they are awesome!! I cannot explain it better than that. I am still having trouble with my last hip replacement, so doctoring a lot with that one too. I knew these two years of surgeries and recoveries would be rocky, so I am trying to keep my life going at the same time. Hey I live in Florida now, so I look at the sun and palm trees when I feel down.

 It is the other knee this time and after the last one, which was brutal to say the least, I just cannot do school work at the same time again. After the last time, there was a big lesson learned with knee replacement; your mental work suffers, so be kind to self. It is coming up on 4 months soon since the last knee replacement and now is when I am starting to feel stronger (I have worked at it mental/physical since day one by the way) and more like independent me. You know that commercial where the guy is huge in a small house with the flu? Everything is uncomfortable, clumsy, and downright miserable? That is what I felt like after the last one. The hips are rough too, but knees are worse. My PA (Physicians Assistant) told me something interesting after the last one. The younger you are the more pain you have with joint replacements (especially knees)…the older you get the less pain you have (not pain free tho). I had told her that I could not imagine an 80 year old woman going through this being so bad. She said because they don’t. I am still in the age range of …brutal pain with knees. It was what they expected for me to experience…..Sighhhh… almost done.

All people want to do is ask you ‘why’ you are not better yet? Better than what? That is annoying! When you have joint replacement surgery it is the most difficult surgeries I have had (had many in life) It weakens you everywhere from stamina to actual joints and muscles. They cut through ligaments and tendons to do their work, so those have to be re-strengthened from scratch. There is so much to the recovery process and I do give it my all. YES, the joint is so much better – that is a given. However, recovery means recovery…….

What happened to compassion in this world? Has the word FAST been imbedded in our psyche? I wonder so much with the work that I do and work to keep my compassionate side alive in a very fast paced world.

Has the world gotten too busy to remember compassion and understanding? We shouldn’t have to wait until something happens to us to realize that someone needed simple understanding and compassion. Why do we not give this naturally any longer? When we need compassion, understanding, love, and support this doesn’t mean we have become depressed or simply a weak person – it means we are human. It’s true; the basics of humanity are learned in kindergarten. Treat people like you want to be treated……..Becoming an adult doesn’t mean we should complicate our life, but we all do these days unless WE make the choice to keep it simple. Yes, we have choices.

In the end, I have worked with people who simply need basic human needs. Back when I worked with the bestselling authors coaching company using his philosophies to my college degrees learning about the human condition our needs are just that; innate human needs we are born with. This includes Understanding and Compassion especially for women. For men, they need Trust – first and foremost…Both sexes need both, but we each have our simple primary needs. It’s been documented in science for decades now, so start embracing it as a human strength.

Modern times have complicated it with calling it a weakness to FEEL anything but extreme joy and this simply isn’t true nor possible forever.

It takes a strong person to feel them all and process them ignoring the judgments of others. Choose compassion today! I promise there are many people who need it from you and not simply when something big happens. 

See you soon!

Merna Throne, M.S.

Super Success Coach & Trainer