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We work on remotely - printer issues, troubleshooting, clean ups, data transfer/back-up, software issues, lessons, Smartphones & Tablets assistance and so much more. 

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Billing begins when we start (Share Screens) the Tune-up, Lessons, Troubleshooting, or Repairing the issues...


Swalty Computer Tune-up  goes beyond just cleaning up unnecessary files. We check your memory, troubleshoot, check hard drive health, upgrades, etc. etc. Well worth our evaluations, tuning up & preparing you to maintain your computer yourself. 

We will get you back surfing!


** $60 per hour for Swalty Computer Tech help

    1. You will be billed every 1/2 hour ($30 = 30 minutes) for computer work, lessons, etc. 
    2. Make an appointment here - We will get you set up ASAP!
    3. Our Techs have many years experience with ongoing education in computers.
    4. We can troubleshoot hardware issues remotely when needed. Make a Local Appointment
    5. We will email a PayPal Invoice to you immediately following session.
    6. Billing begins when we talk (Phone) & Share screens. 

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** We use a professional tech screen sharing software 

Phones and Tablets - All you need is the Splashtop SOS app. 

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