OnDemand Computer Chick

This is the page to bookmark for future help! 

Hours are Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm

We may be on call randomly as well! 

Email us  or Live Chat (Bottom right corner) for a FREE consultation first, so

we can see what your computer needs.

Billing begins when we start (Share Screens) the Tune-up, Lessons,

Troubleshooting, or Repairing the issues...

Click here to Purchase a Block of time to work with a

Computer Tech or simply purchase a Swalty Computer Tune-up. 

Swalty Computer Tune-up goes beyond just cleaning up unnecessary files. We check your memory, troubleshoot, storage, updates, upgrades, etc. etc. Well worth our evaluations, tuning up & preparing you to maintain your computer yourself.  


** $45 per hour for Swalty Computer Tech help
** Or Simply a Computer Tune-up only $49 - about 90 minutes 

    1. You will be billed every 1/2 hour ($22.50 = 30 minutes) for computer work, lessons, etc. 
    2. Live Chat with us to hire Swalty Tech's to fix your computer
    3. Our Techs have many years experience with ongoing education in computers. 
    4. Chat with us about your device issues. Ask your Questions! 
    5. We do not troubleshoot hardware issues remotely. 
    6. Billing begins when we talk (Phone) & Share screens. 

**We are here when you are ready! 

Simply click on the Chat bubble at the bottom-right of screen. 

To Begin:

1. Click to open up Chat Box to send us a note on your Right >>>>>

2. Enter info to begin...FREE Consultation to learn about your computer issues. 

3. You will be connected to a tech if one is available...Or we will set an appointment time. 

 4. The Tech will walk you through the rest.....

Thank you for allowing us to Love your Technology too! 

****When its time the tech will lead you back to one of the boxes below

Begin now by starting a chat >>>>>


                          ** If you have an Apple Call Merna @ 239.896.6204

** We use a professional tech screen sharing software - SplashTop