Purchase blocks of time....

We got you with your computer frustration! 

1. To work with a computer tech, email us first with your issues or if you simply want a

Swalty Computer Tune-up purchase that block and email us for an appointment.

2. If you are not sure which to purchase, email us with your computer needs  and we may need to do a FREE consultation to see what the issues are first. 

3. We will guide you on the block of time you need, while setting up your appointment! 

** You will be billed on 30 minute increments...

Minimum is 30 minutes to work with a Tech. 

Swalty Computer Tune-up 

Only $49


30 Minutes



60 Minutes 



90 Minutes



120 Minutes


Purchase Gold block of time. Pay $40 per hour (Save $5). 

Can be used for multiple appointments and billed on the 1/2 hour. 

360 Minutes 

(6 Hours @ $40 an hour - Save $30) 

$240 (Reg $270)

Feel Free to email us  Or Live Chat Message in the bottom right hand side of screen (Click on Help), if you are not sure which block to purchase. >>>>>>>

We can do a Free Consultation to identify what you need!