Hire a Virtual Assistant

You only pay for the tasks you hire us to do!

Cuts way back on expenses of a traditional office setting. You will be billed once per month for your ongoing jobs.

We will edit what you ask and offer suggestions where you may need changes to better serve your business. 

** $30 per hour

** Social Media & selling your products

** Data Entry

** Editing

** Software Installation

** Biz Office Organization 

** ASK ME for your special need! 

** Work done remotely

** & More

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Social Media Management 


"Social media marketing is perhaps the most powerful brand-building tool of all"

     Merna Throne has been building and managing websites, social media, and more since 1998. 

Social Media Management is more than the numbers, it is about building relationships. 

You want to build good relationships with your audience, while earning their trust and loyalty. 

This is Ms. Throne’s vision for your online presence. 

What you will receive: 

      • Finding the best social media platforms for your brand
      • Build an engaging website to fit your needs
      • Daily check-in with website & social media sites
      • Building each social media page and all back-end work to have a professionally polished page for your growing networks. 
      • Assist you in creating an authentic, yet attractive Online Presence of your business and self.
      • So much more that we will fine-tune to fit your needs and get that snowball rolling to launch your work
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