Swalty  Computer Chick LLC

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We Love technology so you don't have to!

No Fix. No Fee. 

On-Demand Computer Chick. Virtual Assistant. Computer Coaching. Computer Tune-up. Troubleshooting. Lessons. New Device Set-up. Computer (Basic) Hardware Issues. Webmaster. Website Management & More. 

We come to you!

I will keep your computers running smoothly and you stress Free!

Onsite work available on Pine Island, Cape Coral & Fort Myers, FL

** Pine Island local business. 

Onsite locations past Burnt Store Rd in 

Cape Coral & Ft. Myers there is an additional $30 House Call Fee. 

Hire a Swalty Computer Tech

Live Anywhere, we will remotely access your computer (safely) & fix, teach, etc. for you!  

Remote/OnDemand Customers


Contact us for a House Call or Pick-up

** We do not do Remote appointments for hardware issues. 

Software, Troubleshooting, Tune-ups

**Contact us for Computer lessons, Troubleshooting, New Device Set-up, Software, Upgrades, 
Social media, websites, Virtual Assistant, etc. 

($45 minimum for House Calls)
$45 per hour for  software work on computers, tablets, phones 


$65 per hour
We Pick up  & Deliver! 

** Contact us for hardware issues with Computer (Basic) Hardware Issues, Tablets, PC's, iPad's

TV Streaming Setup, Phone conversions,  & MORE 


Business Computers Accounts

** Get on my schedule to maintain & update your computer(s) and 

Grab the Technology Check-up Service subscription 

( I do Software, build customer databases, maintenance/check-ups, device set up, updating, custom biz setup, tutorials, 

Internet, social media & selling your products worldwide, troubleshooting, websites, etc. etc.)

$45 per hour to show up or Remote

** Contact us for special pricing for ongoing work

Larger needs are billed by the job.

Or just call me and I will get you on my books!

Social Media Management 

Learn more here...

"Social media marketing is perhaps the most powerful brand-building tool of all"