About  Us

Merna Throne
is the Founder and Creator of 

 Swalty Computer Chick LLC

   Where Quality & Pride still exists!

"Merna was fantastic to work with. It was a pleasure to work together with Merna, who is a highly professional personal development coach. Customer-service oriented and a creative entrepreneur - that's Merna! I strongly endorse Merna."
Carrie KrishnekMarketing Consultant at Down2Earth Marketing

      Merna has worn many hats that include an Author, Care Coordinator, Psychology Professor, Technology Geek, and a Super Success Coach & (LifeStyle Coach) Trainer™. She has been a technology geek since 1998 building websites, troubleshooting computers, software issues & updates, set up, & so much more... its something she LOVES to do and can't live without. :) She has studied technology with other techs and online courses over the years while continuing this education every chance she gets! 

      Merna has lived in SW Florida since early 2012 (Lived on Sanibel Island, FL in the 80s), but she is still an Iowa girl at heart where she was born and raised. She has been coming to SW Florida since she was a kid with many close family members living here since the 60s. Her life overflow-eth with  Day job as a Care Coordinator working for Team Wellness Center - remotely, family, friends, her unbreakable Faith in God, love for music, volunteering, Swalty Computer Business, maintaining her health, seeking her adrenaline junkie needs in a healthy manner :) and trying to keep it all straight. 

After all, in the end the journey of life and the people in 

our lives are all that truly matter. 

We are Remote Only Techs! 

Swalty Computer Chick LLC is your Computer Concierge for all your electronic needs. We work with apps on smartphones and tablets as well. No question is silly! We will show you the ease of your computer and devices while you leave the equipment to us! Lastly, we do website build & management along with social media & so much more!

We Love technology so you don’t have to!